What is Restylane?

Restylane is a non-surgical facial treatment designed to slow and hide the effects of aging. Restylane dermal filler is composed of a hyaluronic acid-based gel that helps restore fullness and volume to instantly smooth away facial wrinkles or enhance the appearance of your lip or other facial contours as well as adds moisture and lubrication to the skin to restore your youthful glow.

What to expect during a Restylane treatment?

After having an informative and educational consultation with Dr. Ness will assist you to design and enhance your natural contours and replenish the areas of concern. A numbing cream will be applied to the areas being treated to help with any discomfort. Dr. Ness will administer the Restylane as you had discussed to your areas of concern. Two weeks after Restylane has been administered we will have you return for a follow-up appointment to ensure we have met your expectations and that you do not need any further treatment at that time.

Recovery and Results for Restylane?

Immediately following your procedure patients may note some swelling, redness, and minor bruising this will subside within a few days. Changes appear almost instantly folds and fine lines will appear smoother and harder to detect. Because of swelling the assimilation of the hyaluronic acid it will take a few days to stabilize. Once this stage is has been reached, you will enjoy the benefits of Restylane therapy for up to one years time.

How long do the effects of dermal filler last?

Restylane is versatile to treat several types of facial wrinkles and fold such as nasalabial folds, marionette lines, corners of the mouth, plumping the lips, and concaved scars with results that can last up to six months to a year.

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