Hyperpigmentation can occur during any period of our life. Some are genetically predisposed for uneven pigmentation, some develop pigmentation during pregnancy, some develop pigmentation over time from sun exposure, but now we have the technology to rid your skin of discoloration and even your skin tone with our Q-switch laser treatments.

What to expect during treatment with the Q-switch laser?

These treatments are done in a series of laser treatments. Depending on the pigmentations depth in the skin will determine how many treatment it will require to achieve our goal of diminishing the pigmentation. During the treatment the laser will be applied to the areas of concern and has a rubber band snapping and heat sensation during the treatment. This is a quick in and out procedure that builds up heat to demolish the accumulation melanocytes in the skin that causes pigmentation.

Recovery and Results for Q-switch laser treatments?

As each person heals differently the downtime will vary from patient to patient. Typically the area treated will get darker after treatment and have a dry flaky/ crusty stage as the pigmentation is being brought to the surface during the skin cycles. These symptoms usually subside in about a week post laser treatment.

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