What does a procedure cost?

The best way to get pricing for a procedure is to be scheduled in for a cosmetic consultation. In the consultation we provide a quote after Dr. Ness has made an assessment of what is needed to perform and achieve the look you are wanting. We do have a basic cost but it is not really fair to provide patients with prices as they may vary due to each patient has individual needs to asses when making these decisions.

Does Laser Hair Removal, Botox, Restylane, or Juvederm hurt?

Each patient has a different level of pain tolerance so some procedures may be more uncomfortable for some patients while others it may not bother at all. At Delta Aesthetics we try our best to make every patients treatment as relaxing and comfortable as possible.

Who does the procedures in the office?

Dr. Ness performs all of our cosmetic procedures to ensure that all procedures are handled with the utmost care.

Do you have specials or sales on procedures and products?

Every month I send out a monthly newsletter to all of our patients who have signed up for our newsletter that provides our specials for the month as well as information regarding our cosmetic services. For those patients who do not want our newsletter emailed to them we provide copies of the newsletter throughout the office for all of our patients to read over or to take home.

Do we charge for consults?

Yes we charge a $50.00 consult. We keep this fee as a deposit for your procedure and deduct this amount from you final total. So if you choose to have a procedure or to start a skin care system with us you consult is FREE.

Are cosmetic services covered under my health insurance?

Unfortunately cosmetic services are not covered typically under insurances unless deem necessary to correct due to a medical complication or for reconstructive purposes. At this time we are in the process of trying to have some procedures such as Sclerotherapy for veins or Botox for hyperhydrosis and migraines covered by insurances. When we have received a response that these procedures will be a covered benefit we will let our patients know. At this time all of our Cosmetic procedures costs are the patients’ responsibility. We do offer Care Credit as a finance option for our patients.

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